Saturday, September 8, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

skateboard photos from the past few months

some new stuff for you and yours from the past few months of skating.

dylan james - stalefish - willamantic

andrew wilson - front board transfer - downtown brooklyn

andrew wilson - front smith - brooklyn

andrew wilson - backside judo - owls head

andrew wilson - ollie to block - bqe

dylan james - fastplant - bqe

dylan james - barefoot slash - sloppys

dylan james - frontside wallride - manhattan

john gardner - car ride -brooklyn

paul tucci - shove it - brooklyn

phil jackson - backlip - sloppys
kevin sanders - heelflip - brooklyn

Friday, August 31, 2012

midwest trip - #JOfactory

9 day road trip through the midwest photo post! film coming soon.

spent some time in ohio.


if you go to detroit. go to plus skateshop. rob is the homie. thanks to nicky stix and hebert
and justin bohl.

good good homie.

good good homie.


gotta stretch.


see ya boys!


gnar singing face.

hot chick named vicky.



some new sundays team riders. thanks jesse, tim and chilly dog.





hippie commune dance party.

slept on the lake!

burge killed it.


to the cliff jumps.

40 footer.

team #jofactory

rained out.

1st one.

caught my very new and very ignant bonesmasher tag.

senor frank came along.


max coffin in cinci.

wanna go home.

bomb ass dank ass place. 

mac the homie hook up in cinci.

peace. thanks to everyone who hooked us up along the way.
nick galloway, pat galloway, matt hebert, rob from plus, justin bohl, jesse ward, hota, tim johnson,
chilly dog, mac shafer, tyler thevoidlife, the indiana dudes, dave kappa and native nick.