Sunday, January 16, 2011


spent the last week in san francisco...need to get back out there soon
these lovely people let me stay in their apartment for a week. thanks!

first meal off the plane...probably ate 20 burritos while i was there

father of lady gaga

need to get me one of these

no caption needed.


blew it.

after seeing westgate front 360 over the pipe at 3rd and army.
it was insane. that dude kills it.


had this everyday for breakfast.

beginning of the end.

max felt great the next morning.

gnarliest thing ive ever seen.

hey doggy.

random buffalo in the park.

met up with the 2ntr team.

rollin deep.


makeshift home ramp.


a little double rock action. got to spend the evening there from 8 - 12:30 all to ourselves.


killin it.

this guy can fly!

sal kills it.

doug hooked up a tour at deluxe, street corner and a night at double rock!
so much fun.

little chris.

good crew.



karate kick.

not the worst way to end my trip.

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